Oh, hello! Glad you found us. Welcome to Ashes: Reborn, a truly unique offering in the world of competitive card games.

Let’s brag on the game a bit before we start. I’m assuming you’re here for one or many of the following reasons that Ashes is such a great game:

1. The art and setting is incredible.

2. The game is the very definition of “easy to learn, hard to master”.

3. Gameplay is balanced, tight, and tactical.

4. The game is affordable to get into and has a bright future.

Those reasons are all true, and they’re a huge…

What happens to a game like Ashes when cards are picked one at a time?

There’s some fundamental differences between the kind of drafting happening in the Ashes Draft Tournament (ADT from here on) and usual card game drafts. By picking from an entire cardpool, Phoenixborn and all, we have the opportunity to learn a lot about Ashes just by watching and observing a draft like this.

Am I the most qualified guy to commentate on this draft? Definitely not. I help run First Five Fridays for the Ashes Discord and in general stay active within the Ashes community, but…

Ashes has been reborn, and it’s going to be fun to watch and participate in it’s renaissance whether you were around the first time or not. Not just any old game gets a second chance, particularly in tabletop where we don’t really have games like Diablo 3 or FFXIV serving as our exemplars for how to revitalize a title.

Since this is all such new territory, new players and old players alike are faced with unique challenges. I wanted to do my part to help overcome a hurdle many Ashes players will come up against- namely, beginning to dip their…

The last few months of exploring the Crucible have been some of my favorite times in all of my years of card gaming. Keyforge has proven to be an astounding product on a number of levels. Most of us are smart enough to filter out the apocalyptic naysayers claiming that Keyforge is pay to win or lacks depth. In almost every conceivable way, our little game has lived up to it’s initial promise of being well balanced, eliminating deckbuilding, and being a blast to play.

My last article sought to provide a basic overview of what good strategic play might…

I remember when I started with competitive card gaming- for me, my first serious game was Android: Netrunner. When I sat down at a tournament for the first time with my runner deck, naked and blind to my opponent’s plans, I was terrified. I went 0–4 on the day, and drove home humbled and completely enamored.

The evening was spent furiously googling- how do I get better? What kind of deck do I need and how the heck do I use it right? Now, of course, as I’ve played more and more card games, I don’t wait to go 0–4…

Jayson Seth Lindley

Helping new players discover the joys of tabletop

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