First Adventure | Dueling Decks From The Ashes Reborn Master Set

Evermist Guardian

  • The Suggested First Five uses all 10 dice, prevents a key unit from hitting the second round with Fade Away, and is overall a very stable way to start. Use the Advanced First Five to counter Owl- you’ll need to discard Anchornaut and then recur it back. In this Advanced First Five, you usually choose to only summon one Mist Spirit when you activate the book, so that you can still use Water Blast.
  • What you target with Water Blast will define each round of the game. The best target is usually Seaside Raven, because it costs Saria 3 dice, so removing it for just 1 die is amazing. But often, the pressure of Three Eyed Owl’s discard effect will make a Water Blast against it very alluring.
  • Hitting Saria with a Massive Growth affected unit is often the difference between winning and losing. Blue Jaguar is usually key to this, so consider making the Jaguar itself your Massive target.
  • Similarly, the damage from Molten Gold is often essential to closing out the game. You have to time it carefully, as you only have 3 Nature dice. Protecting these against Three Eyed Owl is important.
  • Don’t swing too early with a bunch of units at once, especially Mist Spirit. It is usually better to use them to pick on enemy units, getting damage in the right places and pressuring your opponent’s Phoenixborn guard.
  • Timing is key to most of your biggest moves, and none more than Summon Sleeping Widows. Your opponent can easily kill them, so try to summon them at a clever time and swing with them fast.

Lady of the Lighthouse

  • This particular flavor of Saria really has to mill their opponent to effectively close the game. Be fairly aggressive with using your Three Eyed Owls, Enchanted Violinists, and Heart’s Pull. It will add up over the course of the game!
  • You’ll need to occasionally play defensively to make sure you get to the end of the game with enough life to finish strong. Try to time Mist Typhoon for maximum efficiency, don’t summon Seaside Raven unless there’s a juicy target for it to kill, and let Hammer Knight’s Alert ability force your opponent to slow down by making direct attacking awkward.
  • You have a lot of allies and 20 life, which means using Ceremony power to recur an ally is often a viable move. This is especially true for Enchanted Violinist, which does so much for you. Playing EV as many times as possible is rarely bad.
  • Seaside Raven is an amazing unit, and it’s up to you to play around Aradel’s Water Blast so you can use it to it’s full potential. Golden Veil helps with this immensely. When you don’t have it, always be looking to put yourself in situations where your opponent feels compelled to use Water Blast early, so that you can stick a Raven and swing with it.
  • Sympathy Pain is important to close the damage gap. Try to use it as a burn spell against the PB, but in a tight spot it works fine as removal against a unit attacking as part of a group.

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