First Five Fridays Presents: JankFest 2021

Jayson Seth Lindley
5 min readDec 20, 2021


It’s here!

First Five Fridays would like to thank the Ashes Reborn community so much for all their creativity and kindness. FFF is coming up on it’s one year anniversary! In honor of our casual spirit and plucky testing ground atmosphere, we’d like to introduce the first annual JankFest, a celebration of deckbuilding in Ashes.

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And without further adieu, let us introduce…our esteemed nominees!


From Matt: “I just want to summon a ton of demons because people are saying they’re trash”

Carl Diaz

From Carl: “Instead of fighting I figured we should have some holiday spirit and enjoy a dinner together. The idea of the deck is to have a Flock Shepherd and Shield Mage buffed up so no conflicts arise. Instead we will enjoy an abundance of food and appreciate the generosity of each other’s gifts. Just don’t Rile the Meek with talks of religion or politics.”


Well, do you?

LeonardTheThird (Niall)




From Clu: “The unwashed and unloved league of ‘old school bears’ (2/2s) get a nice spitshine from Rin. Feel free to play survival of the fittest every turn with some nifty token manipulation. The star of the deck is Temple Elder, the most hated card (besides Mass Heal) in all of Ashes. Resounding remarks of ‘It’s A Card’(tm) will change to ‘What A Card!’ by the end of the night.”


From thedandilion: “Molten. Gold.”


From Vitrius: “FF: Owl, Bear, IC, Raptor Horde

if facing echo
Gilder, Fester , Raptor, Horde, LB

HK, Jag, Gilder, RH, LB”


From AppleSith: “If you’re a naughty child, I thought you were supposed to get coal in your stocking, not….whatever this is!”




Harold Westraven- “The Bad Boy”. Fan favorite, de-facto leader. Will go on to have a promising solo career.

Fire Archer- “The Cute One”. Every boy band needs a cute one. Forgettable, blonde, necessary.

Sonic Swordsman- “The Sensitive One”. Don’t make him mad. Best friends with his boy Harold.

Beast Tamer- “The Smooth One”. Takes all those rough edges and tames ’em right out.

River Skald- “The Medium-Cool Older Brother”. Usually shows up with his girlfriend Flash Archer, whom he will immediately discard at the first sign of trouble.

This band is hot. Their adoring fans (Shepherd of Lost Souls) won’t let them get a break. They’re known to cause an Adrenaline Rush to the masses of fans Kneeling before them. And they gotta be careful- without some New Ideas to keep the hits coming and a Golden Veil of management types to keep them from blowing all their cash, they might be erased from history along with the rest of the 90s.”


From ChaosTheory: “It’s a cup with dirt in it. I call it “Cup of Dirt.””


From TheTreatment: “In the wise words of DMX”



From Jesse: “Welcome to the Nightmare before Christmas, where Jack played by Hollow is seeking the affection of Sally played by Living Doll.

Oogie Boogie makes an appearance as Dread Wraith, and Jack finds the secret door to Christmas land. Jack’s dog Zero is represented by the Ghostly Mount, and The trick-or-treaters are represented by the Shadow Spirit.

Can Jack find Christmasland and discover happiness for him and Sally?”


From JustCam: “First Five: Strengthen, Omen Bringer, Time Hopper, Shadow Spirit, Gates Thrown Open. Go for 4 Strengthen uses in round 1. Can you do it? What about the deathstar shadow spirit for unblockable 13?”


Ahem…from Killercactus:

I want an iron rhinoceros for Christmas

Only an iron rhinoceros will do

Don’t want a Living Doll, no dinky Hammer Knight

I want an iron rhinoceros to summon here tonight

I want a iron rhinoceros for Christmas

I don’t think Plaid Hat Games will mind, do you?

I won’t have to use a stinking Three-Eyed Owl

Just windmill slam a Rhino And get a gigantic pal

I can see me now on Jankfest Sunday

Choosing my first five

Oh, imagine their surprise

When I spend that 7 dice

And have an Iron Rhino flexing live!

I want an iron rhinoceros for Christmas

The kind of unit I can swing and swing

There’s lots of room for him in my 30 card deck

I’ll play him there with Seeds and Veil and Call to Action next

I want an iron rhinoceros for Christmas

Only an iron rhinoceros will do

No silver snakes, or Cerasauruses

I only like iron rhinoceroses

And iron rhinoceroses like me too!

…there were more verses to this. Like a lot. You’ll have to ask him, we’re out of time.

That’s All Folks! Go vote!



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